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... also Clubs, Cabarets & Capers, Parties, Parades, Open Days, Functions, Celebrations...

Stilt-walking, Unicycling, Clowning, Juggling, Fire, Human Statue... Whatever your event we can add a splash of colour, a hint of madness and a pinch of salt.

Allow me to introduce you to Professor Seltsam
a man who has single handedly done for science what non-stick saucepans have done for space travel.


High visibility characters for Promotions, Parades and Parties.
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Walkabout Entertainment
A variety of characters who provide peripatetic entertainment at Fetes, Fairs and Festivals.
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Aliens, Vicars, Christmas trees: no job too odd.
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Professor Seltsam explains life, the universe and everything at Cabarets, Clubs and Capers.
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Human Statues
Circus Workshops
J.R. Hardley author and fly-fishing expert.
A human statue that remains almost as still as a real fisherman!

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Workshops for children and adults of all ages from 8 years upwards.
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Is it a tin-man?
An alien?
A robot?

Who knows?
A broad-minded and flexible approach allows us to adapt our workshops and performances to suit almost any situation.
Please contact us to see how we can help.

We can also provide multi-performer shows including tightwire and aerial acts.
These performances provide an exciting and unusual focal point at fetes and festivals as well as at parties and corporate events.
The shows can be performed indoors or outside.



Because our tightwire and trapeze rigs are free-standing they can be erected practically anywhere flat and level, with no need to stake them to the ground. This permits their use in ballrooms, conference centres, sports halls and shopping malls as well as in parks, gardens and arenas.

To discuss suitability for your event please phone or e-mail me here
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