- no job too odd -

Over the years members of Shoestring Circus have performed at countless different venues and events from corporate parties and presentations to political rallies and promotions.

We have appeared as Christmas Trees, Human Statues, Vicars, Silver-Aliens, Hells Angels, Stilt-Fairies, Devils and Santa Claus - amongst other things.

Sparkles, glitters, and even juggles!
Santa Claus can arrive with (but not on) his own sleigh. He will be without his reindeer due to stringent quarantine regulations and their somewhat antisocial habits.
Whether performed as a walkabout character or as a human statue this bemused and disorientated silver alien provokes interest and intrigue.    
  Or perhaps a tall monk, for those times when simply nothing else will do!

The latest addition to the fold is
J.R. Hardley author and fly-fishing expert.

JR is great for parks, public spaces, riverside walks, garden centres and exhibitions.

He has also appeared in shopping centres and train stations.

"Guaranteed to fool some of the people some of the time"

JR comes with his own 'stone' plinth, fishing rod and 'stone' thermos flask. Remaining rock-still until his prey are close enough and then with a simple turn of his head and a smile he catches quite a few!

We have worked in Nightclubs, Shopping Centres, Retail Outlets, Country Parks, Town Centres, Stately Homes, Guide Camps, Sports Centres, Cabarets, Bowling Alleys, Big Tops ... you name it !

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