Smart, colourful and surprisingly tall.

A stiltwalkers high visibility raises prospects, eyebrows and smiles. If you wish to create a visual impact, to attract the press or stage an ideal photo opportunity, a stiltwalker is the perfect answer.

Experience has shown that a stiltwalker can, commonly, distribute 3 or 4 times as much promotional material as a person on foot.

In addition, stiltwalkers are photographed many times during a typical day, meaning promotional logos get multiple exposure.

If you wish to create a focal point at the start or end of a parade, in a town centre, superstore or retail park how about fire-jugglers or fire-eaters, or perhaps Professor Seltsam could explain his most recent theories.

Shoestring Circus can also supply unicyclists, clowns, face-painters, balloon modellers and performances tailored to your particular event. Take a look at some of our more bizzare and unusual offerings.

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