Professor Seltsam is a man with a unique and quite unbelievable understanding of science. He has taken a sabatical from his position as senior lecturer of applied absurdity at Quatsch University and embarked on his Global Lecture Tour. You have been warned!
Street Science Show
Since starting his tour the Professor has dumbfounded audiences on the street, at cabarets, clubs and conventions, festivals, fairs and fun-days.
Despite his complete lack of success or formal qualifications he has no hesitation in tackling the weighty scientific issues of the day such as teleportation, mind over matter and the Big Bang.
Suitable for all the family, his lecture is lively, amusing and a continuous surprise both to the audience and to the Professor himself!
Formal Science Lectures

The Professor also delivers more formal lectures where the science is a little more conventional, whilst the delivery remains distinctly idiosyncratic.


These have been developed for use in schools, museums, science adventure centres, symposia and other gatherings of a broadly educational nature.

Download a copy of the Professor's lecture notes here lecture notes.pdf 462 Kb

The professor would be delighted to hear from you and answer any questions you have about anything and everything.
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